Natural beauty

With I heart eco, you can tackle your scholarly agenda while being mindful of your environmental responsibility. A “natural” extension of our Paper and Gift collection, we’re introducing six new styles of stationery crafted from renewable resources like 70% bamboo paper, 30%-60% recycled paper and soy-based inks. We even included recycled paper pencils! Choose from adorable color schemes themed after Safari Sunset, Happy Snails and Plum Petals details.

i heart eco

i heart eco

i heart eco

i heart eco

Do you heart eco? Comment below and we will select one lucky winner to receive items from the new collection, officially arriving online and in stores Thursday, July 7!

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*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting and congratulations to our winner, Ashley, who was randomly selected to receive items from I heart eco! (This winner has already been contacted.)

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197 Responses to Natural beauty

  1. Dani says:

    Loooooove the new prints. I am super excited to be going back to school!

  2. Melanie Holmes says:

    I heart eco, too!
    Yey, u go green @ VB – and with such cute new patterns, too!
    My daughter could really use the plum petals pattern in her dorm room (while happy snails would work for me) – would love to win and surprise her as she goes back to school in August ;) Pick me pleez!!!

  3. Angela says:

    Love Plum Petals!!!!!

  4. Kate says:

    So adorable! I can’t wait to get my hands on an agenda and desk calendar. I’ve been counting down the days since early June!

  5. abbie wells says:

    I must say…that a plum petals paper stack would look so wonderful on my desk!!

  6. LaurenMcKay says:

    safari sunset and happy snails are my favorites. i love the new eco friendly line!
    it makes vera bradley even better! (it was absolutly amazing before)

  7. emma says:

    I love that Vera Bradley is using eco- friendly gifts! You can help the enviroment and still have cute Vera Bradley prints! I love the white with bright flowers print! Too cute!:)

  8. Rebecca says:

    Adorable! I love the colors.

  9. Amy says:

    Love the elephants and the purple patterns!

  10. Ellen Gillis says:

    I LOVE the bold colors of the Safari Sunset!

  11. Brooke says:

    Good job VB! Way to be environmentally friendly AND cute! I need this stuff to be organized, I LOVE calendars and notebooks, I constantly carry them with me–never ones this cute!!!! xoxo

  12. Hillary says:

    wow! can’t wait to visit my VB store to see them in person

  13. Katie Rose says:

    Can’t wait until the Fall 2011 patterns go on sale! My favorite is Safari Sunset :)

  14. isabella says:

    I love how the small designs on the pattern are the main focuses in this new collection! Plus, it’s eco friendly, so it’s easy to save the earth in style!

  15. Taylee Conrad says:

    i LOVE all my vera bradley things! i get soo excited every time new stuff comes out, i must go to my nearest store. im SO excited for these cute eco things too! i love the new fall colors :)

  16. Caitlyn says:

    I so excited about these new Vera Bradley designs!! I am a big fan of VB, and the fact that there’s eco-friendly items makes it even better. I love the new Fall patterns too. The colors in Safari Sunset are amazing, and Happy Snails is so cute! Can’t wait to get these in stores (:

  17. Jana says:

    These are INCREDIBLE! Love the Plum Petal!

  18. Susan says:

    So cute and eco-friendly too! A double winner!!

  19. BKmom says:

    these are so cute, and I am loving the eco-friendly designs!

  20. Rhonda Pflugh says:

    Love the new patterns. Can’t wait for the 7th!

  21. Lindsay G says:

    Ive been needing some Vera Bradley stationary!

  22. Amy Mathes says:

    I love the new patterns! Safari Sunset’s color palate is simply yummy! I love the ‘eco-friendly’… how awesome for the environment and how stylish I’ll look using it!

  23. Melle Nguyen says:

    So lovely!!

  24. Sandi says:

    So adorable!!! I would love to win anything Vera!!

  25. Melodie says:

    Love all the new patterns !!

  26. Jennifer Nafziger says:

    I LOVE pretty stationery! Can’t wait to get some of the new items for my classroom this fall!

  27. Lisa B says:

    It’s great that the new Fall colors are arriving in stores on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!!!

  28. Erica says:

    I love all of the new patterns because they are so original and adorable. Safari Sunset is my favorite simply because I love the elephant on the notepad. SO cute!
    Vera Bradley never disappoints with new collections.

  29. Wilma Connell says:

    Love the vibrant colors in the Fall 2011 collection including: Happy Snails, Safari Sunset, and Plum Petals! They are fresh, fun, and make you feel happy!
    Love them all! :-)

  30. Marlana Cirillo says:

    Love all these new eco paper products! All of it will be great for my sophomore year in college!

  31. ann says:

    I am so glad you are including new paper goods. The calendars look really nice!

  32. Jan Wright says:

    Love, love, love itM

  33. Amanda says:

    You gals are getting more and more creative and I love it! I definitely heart Eco!

  34. Deb says:

    LOVE it all…bright and colorful just like Vera Bradley should be! I’d love to win.

  35. Jasmine Jordan says:

    My Favorite color is Plum Petals but I like how they have this cultural theme of fall going on. Vera Bradley is genious. This collection should spark people’s interest internationally!

  36. Awesome new paper options with the pretty fall prints!

  37. Carrie Keziah says:

    the happy snails print is so very pretty! cannot wait to buy a new tote tomorrow =]


  38. quincy says:

    The patterns look great. And the creativity is awesome!!

  39. Jeanie says:

    Beautiful! Love the purple!

  40. rebecca says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow! I appreciate the attention to recycled materials. Thanks VB!

  41. Lindsey Langston says:

    Beautiful Collection! I want the whole Safari Sunset collection for my desk at work! I love the giraffes and elephants, this is a theme that is much in style this season! Love the gorgeous gold and purple colors and I look forward to purchasing a purse in this color also!

  42. Kirstin Delgado says:

    I love Vera Bradley!!!! I love all of the new Fall 2011 colors!!! They are soooo amazing, colorful, and wonderfully bright!!! But i especially love Happy Snails and I would love to buy the collection as well as the large duffel in this color as well!!

  43. Michelle BC says:

    Love the snails! And eco friendly, to boot!

  44. Elizabeth Visak says:

    I love the calendars!!!

  45. Shara says:

    **********************I love the plum petals!! I Hope i’m picked. I want everything Vera!!! *****************************

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