School supplies approaching …

It’s our final preview day for Fall, Back to Campus, styles. These additions are of a scholarly nature; ideal for the girl with notes to take and subjects to study.

Vera Bradley new styles for Fall 2012

1. Study Buddy Flashcards are fastened together on a removable hinged ring and covered front and back with durable covers.

2. Flexi Zip-Around Binder Keep it all together in this large-capacity three-ring binder with a zip closure.

3. Pencil Pouch Put your pens and pencils in something pretty.

4. Lookin’ Good Locker Mirror Set A magnetic vanity mirror with a storage compartment and two coordinating magnetic picture frames is a must.

5. Sort It Out Mail, sticky notes, writing utensils, envelopes … everything has its place in this desktop divider.

6. Message Me! You never know who will stop by. Let them leave a special note on this board, complete with three magnets and a coordinating ribbon for hanging.

7. Be Colorful Markers Leave your mark in vibrant shades.

8 Flexi Three Ring Binder Organization is a snap in this lightweight class companion made with 15% recycled plastic.

It’s a great day for a giveaway! Comment below for a chance to win an assortment of these great new stationery styles, in the color of your choice.

The wait is almost over. Shop Fall styles online and in stores tomorrow,
Tuesday, July 10!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting, and congratulations to Kim M.!

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242 Responses to School supplies approaching …

  1. Viviana says:

    I really want the message me in va va bloom

  2. Kristie Nanney says:

    Can’t wait to add pizazz to my classroom with these latest additions!

  3. Viviana says:

    Oh and ps how do find out if u win

  4. Nikki says:

    I work at a school and I attend school at night. These beautiful VB things would look great on my desk and help me with my schooling!:)

  5. Sheila Ferreri says:

    Love all the new supplies!!

  6. Nicole Berger says:

    Theese look so pretty! My school supplies are all worn out from last year, but I hope I can get some of them…. PLEASE:)

  7. Cathy K. says:

    Sylish school supplies – awesome!

  8. Peggy Nickelson says:

    All of these items are wonderful. I think I like the study buddy for list making and goal setting too!
    Peggy N

  9. Loving the new Fall patterns!! Way to go VB! :)

  10. Ryan Ann says:

    ooh thanks for the chance to win :) love these!

  11. AJB says:

    All of it looks great! The marker collection is very colorful.

  12. Helen says:

    We so need to Sort It Out. And the Message Me board is so cute. Va Va Bloom is my favorite this season. So pretty and colorful!

  13. Janeane says:

    As both an educator, and a student, I am more than enthusiastic for the newest scholarly fall additions! Likewise, my daughter is “super psyched for all the new locker goodies and back to school supplies.”

  14. Katherine L says:

    I love, love Va Va Bloom! I can not wait to accessorize my office!!!

  15. Stephanie W. says:

    My daughter is starting college in the Fall! She loves the Va Va Bloom! The bedding will really brighten up her dorm room.

  16. crystalhuynh says:

    AHH!! wow. The fall patterns are gorgeous! These patterns just get better and better each season/year.

  17. Julie Stein says:

    Young and old we can all find a way to use these school, office and home supplies in their fun, fun Vera colors.

  18. Tina Graham says:

    Back to school with Vera Bradley – LOVE IT!

  19. Amanda Herrera says:

    Love the new school supplies! I need the desk organizer and message board!

  20. Monica D. says:

    All of these items are cute! We’d love the chance to win any of them!

  21. Amy O'Connor says:

    I wish we had such cute things when I was in school!

  22. Marci says:

    What a colorful way to stay organized and be ready for school!

  23. Sarah says:

    I saw these in store today, and they look awesome! I really want to get the Study Buddy flash cards, and the Lookin’ Good Locker Mirror Set. They are awesome! C:

  24. Lila Klaus says:

    These all look great for school!

  25. -- S says:

    Woo-hoo! Trapper Keepers are back, and in VB colors!

  26. Brenda H. says:

    These will be great for back to school!

  27. Laurie says:

    My daughter would love these to ease the pain of back to school. Especially the locker accessories!

  28. JORDAN says:

    I love Vera Bradley for back to school! My whole dorm with be decorated with Vera’s Paisley Meets Plaid!!!

  29. Kimberli Bean says:

    Great, fun new products – thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Karen says:

    The line is fabulous…not the generic back to school line…it would be perfect for unique back to school gifts…even gifts for someone with a home office!!

  31. Lynnie says:

    I’m a 51 year old school supply junkie. These are so cute!

  32. I can’t wait to buy some for my next year in college! I’ll be the most stylish girl on campus!

  33. Carrie! says:

    I Love Vera Bradely! Just got a backpack and I’m LOVING IT!!!!

  34. Meg C. says:

    This line is absolutely adorable. Thanks for the chance! xoxo

  35. cathy lancaster says:

    My daughter wants them all, so pick me so she can have her dream supplies.

  36. Camila says:

    My Sister is heading off to college, and I love her so much. She is most likely leaving the state, and I would love her to get the most stylish education accessories out there. I can’t afford to buy all of them, so this contest would really help. I want her to start off her year leaving a styling impression on all of her classmates. This would be a great gift for her, and she would use it to her full advantage. When she’s in another state and studying for final exams she can think of me, and we can somehow be together. What better gift than a great education. So please Vera Bradley, make my sisters education even better. Thank you, and I hope you really consider me for this.

  37. Cammie says:

    Me please!

  38. ashley says:

    I want it<333

  39. Molly says:

    Only things I use for school is vera the only type of bag i will really carry

  40. Caitlin Davis says:

    I love all the new colors they are bright and fun. I am a college student and would very much love to use these items everyday for school…

  41. Maggie says:

    My daughter would love all of these for school.

  42. Nicole says:

    I LOVE the new ideas you all have been coming up with for school
    all the new colors they are bright and fun and i they make me not mind going back to school! :)

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